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My early career was in the organic food industry where I held management and consultancy roles. I was also brought up on organic smallholdings. For some thoughts on organic food production please visit this page. I also ran an arts-based club for children with twin ponies Hunky and Dory (see right). These varied life experiences help to shape and inform my scholarship as an ecocritic.  

On returning to education I pursued studies in literature and environment, taking a BA in English Literature and an MA in Philosophy (nature pathway) before going on to my doctorate in English (University of Surrey). I also have many years experience offering academic support to students with disabilities and have additional interests in inclusive learning pedagogy.


  • HEA Fellow. 

  • Assistant Editor (English) for Ecozon@

  • Research specialisms: contemporary literature, especially 21st-century fiction, ecocriticism (including postcolonial and literary animal studies), literary theory and continental / European thought. My interests include issues of globalisation, politics and sustainability, and I have interdisciplinary interests in environmental philosophy and environmental anthropology.





Meet the twins, Hunky and Dory. I rescued the twins at an auction house when they were foals. They are now in their mid 20s and in retirement at the worderful Escape Animal Sanctuary and Conservation Centre.

Please consider donating to Escape

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